All of you may know about band saw. It will help you to cut quickly and uniformly. The bench top bandsaw will be helpful when creating the wood projects in the home. For using the bench top band saw you would require proper practice and care.

Before purchasing, you have to decide the size and type of the band-saw machine you need.The bench top band saw machines are small in size when compared to other stand mounted bandsaws. For selecting the best small band saws, you can visit

After you purchase the band saw, read all the instructions and safety guidelines carefully before assembling. You have to set up the machine at a comfortable height, better just above the waist for the operator.You should set up the bandsaw in such a way that sufficient light is available while working.It should be fastened to the bench for avoiding overturning. Now, benchtop machines are available with fasteners.

Now, you have to select the proper blade for your cutting project. For this, you have to consider blade width and teeth per inch. For making the shorter turning radius, you can use the narrower blades.

Always make sure that you are unplugged the saw while performing the following steps. You can not ensure safety by just turn off the saw. The switch could be bumped when you are working on the machine. Now, adjust the blade tension as per the manufacturer's instructions. Most of the bandsaws are coming with a tension adjustment screw or knob. The blade should be tight enough, but if it is too tight, it will damage the saw.

Now, you have to check the tracking of the blade. Open the cover on the upper wheel assembly and turn the upper wheel using your hand and check the blade's position. It should be in the center of the wheel.After making the blade in proper position, close all the access panels.

Now, set up the blade guides. With most of the benchtop bandsaws, there will be a movable blade guide.In the next step, you have to adjust the saw's table. If you want to do a square cut, use a block square to check the blade alignment. After this, mark the cut on the wood. Use clear lines using a lead pencil.

Now, you reached the last step. You can now turn on the saw and make sure that the blade is moving through in a straight line only. If any deflection is observed, stop the working and recheck.And do not forget to follow all the safety guidelines while you are doing the work. If you want to know more about how to use the bandsaw, just visit